elizabeth ferry


Gold & Finance



I am currently working on a book on the material semiotics of gold in financial markets and in mining.  I have been interviewing market participants on their perceptions of the relationship between physical gold and other financial assets based on gold (equities, exchange traded funds, futures and options), and conducting participant observation and interviewing in two mining localities:  El Cubo, Guanajuato and Marmato, Colombia.  I focus on gold as a physical object, as it interacts with other objects:  dirt and rock; human bodies; bitcoin; infographics; murals.

“On not being a sign: Gold’s Semiotic Claims,” Signs and Society, 2016

“Gold_Prices_as_Material-Social_Actors,” Extractive Industries and Society

“Royal Roads and Entangled Webs,” Journal of Anthropological Research

Tienda, Mineral del Cubo, Guanajuato